May I make changes to my rental while traveling?

If you need to make any changes to your reservation while traveling, including rental duration, locations or vehicle type, please contact your car provider and check with them availability of the amendment.


What should I do with paperwork pertaining to my rental?

We advise you to retain any paperwork you receive, including the rental agreement, final invoice, and fuel receipts – this will enable us to assist you in answering any questions you may have.


What will happen when I arrive to pick up my rental?

Upon arrival at your destination, you will be asked to sign a rental agreement outlining the inclusions and exclusions. Please be sure to accept what you need and decline any items that you don’t need or want. EuroRentalGroup cannot refund any charges that are accepted at the time of check out.


Can I use my airline miles towards my car rental?

EuroRentalGroup does not accept airline miles or credit card points; however you can enquire about this with the local rental company upon checking out your vehicle.


Can you guarantee that the car on the reservation is the car I am going to receive?

EuroRentalGroup, like all car rental companies, cannot guarantee a specific make or model. We do guarantee the car category.


A specific model may be requested, but it cannot be guaranteed.
How can I pay for my rental?

EuroRentalGroup accepts Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club credit cards, as well as our rental partners.  System of payment provided by Wspay form.


How quickly can I confirm my reservation?

We’re able to confirm most reservations with as little as 20 minutes advance notice. For last minute reservations, please call us at +385 98 9783 849.


I do not have a credit card; can I still rent a car?

Most of our local partners do not accept debit cards or cash payments, therefore the driver himself or one of the passengers (if present) should have a valid credit card – MANDATORY!!!


Is an International Driver’s License mandatory?

Most of the different countries traffic law does not require International Drivers License.


Is there a fee for canceling or changing a reservation?

Cancellation & amendment fees are explained in general terms & conditions.


What do I need to pick-up my car?

A EuroRentalGroup voucher is required. Our vouchers show confirmation of your reservation and contain specific information about your rental car, rental rate and other important details needed by our partners. You also need to present a valid ID or passport, driving license and a credit card.


What kind of insurance can I get for my rental car?

Our prices include insurance of the car, with responsibility (excess). Please read our local terms of use, the insurance section.


Where is the EuroRentalGroup counter located?

EuroRentalGroup is independent online booking service, not an agent for any particular car rental company. The name of the car rental company is provided at the top of the voucher along with the location information for the supplier.